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At the beginning of our journey, there was a desire for adventure. We dreamt of escaping the casual urban life and exploring something new and unbridled. We found it all in the Alps. But with every other vacation, it was harder and harder to leave and it was clear to us that this would be our love for a whole lifetime. Operating the Baranek Resorts has become our daily adventure.

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We always offer our guests something extra. We will reward you for returning and offer you much better price if you stay for an extra night! We also have discounts on selected attractions and unique experiences in the area.

The story

Once upon a time

Our story begins with a typical cliché of busy urban people who longed for relaxing holidays combined with unique nature and amazing experience. Holidays that would have made them forget about the common worries and the busy city life.

The ideal destination for making it true has become the Alps and with every further holiday and another departure, we feel that this place is the right place for us. We wanted to start building something meaningful here.

Since the creation of the Baranek Resorts, we have gradually built up three Czech guest houses in the Austrian Alps in a time span of 15 years. And despite the fact that we have been trying to get rid of the monotonous urban life as much as possible, one thing has remained important to us - maintaining family well-being and honest approach.

So we have transformed our passion into the operation of traditional Alpine style accommodation with Czech personnel. From our own experience (and many visits to the Austrian Alps) we know how important it is to find a friendly accommodation where you will want to return not only at the end of the day but also with every other holiday. That is why we put such effort and endeavour to provide quality accomodation that you will find more than pleasant and that will surely suit you perfectly.

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