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Information about winter saison 2020/2021


Dear guests,


 Due to the anti-epidemic measures announced by the Austrian government, all hotels are now closed until the end of February 2021. From March 1, 2021, we plan to resume operation in our homes.  We assume that it will only be possible to enter Austria with an official negative test for Coronavirus.  We will specify whether it will be antigenic or PCR


 For the winter season 2020/20201, we have set very flexible conditions for entering and canceling reservations.  If you make a reservation with us, you will be able to cancel it free of charge if the epidemic situation worsens or restrictive measures are put in place that will not allow a smooth stay.


 The exact conditions are defined here: Addendum to the General Terms and Conditions, Article 5. Cancellation (cancellation) of accommodation by the customer.


 Due to the pandemic situation, the reservation can be canceled free of charge:


 - in case of closure of the border between Austria and the guest's home state


 - in the case of a red traffic light for the district of Zell am See (high risk of infection)


 - in the case of a positive coronavirus test on a guest or his family members


 - in case of a request for a negative test or quarantine in Austria or after returning to the home country


 - in case of cancellation of the ski resort (cable cars and lifts)


 Free cancellation is not possible in particular:


 - where the employer unjustifiably prevents his employee from traveling to Austria


 - in case of sudden subjective fears of the guest from the trip abroad (without the above restrictions)




 If you have any questions, call 00420 777 201 423, we will be happy to answer them.


 We look forward to your visit.


 Martin Baránek and the Baranek Resorts team

Hygienická opatření


The following rules apply to the protection of our guests and staff.




1. Declaration of infectivity


Guests are required to sign a solemn declaration of infectivity upon arrival.




2. Common areas


In common areas, guests are required to wear a veil, swaying mouth and night and keep a distance of at least 1 m from other people.




3. Hand disinfection


Disinfection stations are provided for guests in the lobby of the guest house, in the breakfast room and in the self-service bar.


4. Ensuring disinfection of rooms


Guest rooms are disinfected with ozone before arrival and the facility is treated with disinfectants. Guests are kindly requested to store personal belongings so that all washable areas in the room, including the bathroom and toilet, can be disinfected if necessary.


5. Arrangements in the breakfast room


Guests can take food from the open buffet only if:


1) Performed hand disinfection with a prepared disinfectant


2) Use disposable gloves (available at the disinfection station)


3) They use clean cutlery to gather food.




6. Prevention of entry of visitors to hotel premises


Guests are not allowed to bring visitors or any third parties to the hotel throughout their stay.


6. Staff


When contacting guests, staff use masks that cover their mouths and noses



Thank you for following these rules to protect yourself, other guests and hotel staff.


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