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Summer season in Austria


The summer season is here!


Current measures valid from 1.7.2021.


Arrival in Austria is currently without border controls. Arrival is possible with the so-called "Green Passport-Rule 3-G". Holders of a "green passport" are persons with a vaccination certificate, proof of cure from COVID-19, a valid antibody certificate or a negative coronavirus test.


This does not apply to children under 12 years of age.


General rules.


Restrictions due to opening hours and curfew are completely excluded


no longer a minimum distance between groups of visitors or guests


No hospitality or respirator is required in hospitality, tourism or leisure.


Veils (respirators) are mandatory in public buildings, public transport, shops and museums.






There are no restrictions on groups of visitors.


Guest registration will be canceled from 22 July


Consumption of food and drinks is allowed sitting in the dispensing stations, but it can also be used while standing


Rule 3-G: Guests must still prove a valid negative test result, proof of vaccination or confirmation that they had COVID-19. Guest testing is possible in restaurants or hotels and is free of charge.


There is no opening time.


Until 21.7.2021, the occupancy limit applies to 75% of the maximum capacity of the restaurant. This will be canceled from 22.7.


Adherence to spacing is no longer mandatory.


 Wearing a veil is no longer mandatory in hospitality, tourism or leisure.


In public places - in enclosed spaces, in public transport, in customer areas of commercial premises (eg retail, other services) and in museums, mouth and nose protection is mandatory.


Rule 3-G continues to apply: Guests must still demonstrate a valid negative test result, vaccination certificate, or COVID-19 disease certificate.


Children under 12 do not need to be tested.




Accommodation in Baránek Resorts




For the summer season 2021, we have set very flexible conditions for entering and canceling reservations. If you make a reservation with us, you will be able to cancel it free of charge if the epidemic situation worsens or restrictive measures are put in place that will not allow a smooth stay.


Do not hesitate and come to us to relax.


If you have any questions, call 00420 777 201 423, we will be happy to answer them.




We look forward to your visit.




Martin Baránek and the Baranek Resorts team

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